People tell themselves that they don’t deserve anything good, no luck, no good. That what they deserve is not really what they deserve. Because on TV they say about poverty in Ukraine and you are posh-ing the latest iPad needed to work in the real estate department. Because they scare of going to hell on the church pulpit. Because you were born worth nothing. Because Grandma compares you to your wiser brother, who you will never match. Because your wife accuses you, that you don’t know how to be resourceful like this John Smith. Because you „pour” your marital problems on a few years old children and tell them that guys are pigs and women are tools for their sexual ego. Because your teacher tells you that your poor grades at school won’t lead you to Hawaii.

And even if, despite these poor grades in high school, you get into the prestigious MBA college, the majors in finance management, you won’t still be able to go to Hawaii.


The examples I gave you above have one thing in common. Guess what?

Inspiring, telling, manipulating, programming, suggestive action. Influencing your reality, attacking it. All in all, it’s a brazen assassination attempt on your life.

In the book „Little Prince” there is a question: „You are responsible for what you have tamed„.

It is a very delicate and calculating form of programming you.

„You are responsible for what you’ve tamed.”

You did tame, brought up, something that grew under your direction, under your eye, someone you influenced, someone you programmed.

You are responsible for what you have programmed for someone.

And look now.

Does anyone who had any influence on you feel responsible?

A schoolteacher giving you knowledge of the globe Earth and you believe in the flat?

Mommy, who once told you that you’re too fat for figure skating and yet you still can’t win the national championship just always second or third place?

That anorexic Katty, who unknowingly says that you have a good figure, you don’t have to lose weight from anything, but you know that 5kg less will open the door to the underwear modelling you have dreamed of since high school? But they still advertise your pretty face, teeth and hair?


First of all, letting go. No, not first. The first pass should be „the last.”


First of all, it is realising the „problem”, noticing it, happening, dazzling, mental, cultural, social, identity shock.

Secondly, action. To put the root of the problem at stake? There is not always such a possibility, not even the slightest need. We don’t touch revenge, it is bleurgh. It is your mind that has been programmed to be unable to accept happiness, and the person who could have contributed to it did not necessarily have a conscious purpose. Action – we are working to change our thinking. We’re applying proper vision, fucking-ism, I-don’t-give-a-shit-ism. This is not an easy stage. It requires not only your effort and effort, much better and faster results will come when you involve other, close people. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes a few years, there is no rule.

Thirdly, let go. It comes alone. You won’t be forced to do it. It’s a higher power, capricious, knows better than you do when you’re ready for new changes, the next step when you’re prepared for new ones.

For the better. For dreams.

For the next test.

Which will you take to the new ones.

Why are you afraid? Because you were told, right? And you don’t see any other possibility than being shown, programmed, pressed unconsciously.

Why are you afraid?”

„Because when a man faces his dream, when he sees it is real, he can touch it, feel it… Then he runs away. He doesn’t think he’s ready for the dream, but… I thought for a moment. If it appears in your life and wants to stay, it doesn’t run away, it doesn’t leave, it stays with you, it says the same thing – you’re ready. The question is, will I be brave enough to take it on?”

Courage to accept your desire, your dreams is painful. A man instinctively becomes frozen, his mind, which is programmed verbally, starts to fight. After all, I don’t deserve it, because you are still too fat, too stupid, too ugly, not smart enough, not confident enough, not valuable enough, too weak? Did target lose from above? You have a goal under your nose. Get it!

Well, why should you fight it? What for? Why should you fight something you’ve been waiting so long for? What you’ve been working for, the sweat of the cells? Fighting is the opposite of peace, joy, safety. You’ve been trying to stay calm all week working, but if the calm comes on a Sunday afternoon, you won’t be lying on the couch. You’re going to go clean the tiles in the bathroom. Because you don’t deserve this rest. Because you get lazy and lazy is a flaw, and you get used to it quickly. And we don’t want that.

You aspire to make your dreams come true, and you change, your eating style, attitude, thinking, contacts with people, quality of relations, you change your job, car, sports, whatever. With every such decision, you prove that you are ready for every next step towards a better version of yourself.

But when the dream comes – you are cowardly.

Because it’s a big calibre? Because you’re afraid that you’ll have to change yourself completely? Are you fearful of this change? And these tiny steps, aren’t you hesitant anymore? What’s the difference? Control over your life? Control over changes in yourself? And the dream comes freely, without your consent?

And the decisions to quit your job at the steel factory or to break a relationship don’t seem to come spontaneously?

And that is why, since these dreams already appear one after another, a little too much at once, but let’s not choose whether I will have the courage to change myself, adapt to them, make them my everyday life, my daily bread? Will I have the courage to become an even better version of myself by dealing with these dreams regularly? Well, I am not afraid of this change in myself?

I say „YES!” I take them all, and I deserve it all to me after all my past!!!!!!!”


Anyway, we create our reality. It is better to give in to the current and let yourself be carried. No pin, no stress, no loose ends, no jealous words, brainwashing, social media and internet manipulation. Look at yourself; your dreams & passions are ideally suited to you. The rest is your choice. Only you and you alone are responsible for your goals, desires and the life you lead. No one else has that right.

You influence yourself, and you program yourself through your thoughts, intentions.

You are a free man, an independent soul, a creature, a ray, who is supposed to shine for yourself, who is supposed to learn how to spread your light. Because only in this way will he warm and ignite others from himself.


Whatever happens, whatever you choose, nothing will change around you. The world, as it stood, will continue to stand.

But everything will change in you.