I know that each of you likes to eat well. We know that when you don’t like something, the body doesn’t need it. It’s not worth forcing yourself. It’s not worth fighting with broccoli or spinach.

Eating is supposed to be fun. There can’t be any fear when you take a meal. Because then the body gets stressed and doesn’t digest useful vitamins and minerals from the hated broccoli.

But there is also food that you like, but that destroys your body. And you’re getting fat and tired, you’re depressed.

Where to find help? At the doctor? No.

I’ll tell you the example based on my experience.

I’ve always weighed around 70kg and couldn’t lose weight. I have a figure of a pear, and the problem is my waist and hips. I was a vegan, a raw foodie and nothing has changed. For two years, I kept going to the gym every day for a few hours; I ran 5-15km a day. It didn’t help. My weight was untouched.

Why? Come on, why?

What did I eat? I haven’t liked lactose since I was a child and I didn’t need to eat it. The body knew better lactose didn’t suit me – and I need warmth.

I went for a bioresonance once and found out I had thyroid problems. But I didn’t believe it. Because according to the bioresonance, I shouldn’t eat gluten, lactose or processed products. And I shouldn’t make myself cold.

I bought an online intolerance test. The package arrived, into which I had to throw some of my hair (undyed!) and a sincerely filled out form. I waited a week for an email. When I opened it and printed it out, I was shocked by the long list of products my body doesn’t absorb. Millet groats, citrus fruit, gluten, grapes, peanuts, turkey, peas, etc., etc.

I’ve done some survey in my mind from the past.

That would have been right. I was not too fond of citruses. I still don’t eat fruit at all (except bananas). Gluten, well, it is hard, because pizza, because pasta, because of cakes and cookies. Lactose – no problem.

I’ve decided to test myself for three months. I put all this stuff away– including gluten. And you know what? It was a nightmare in the first month. I felt like it was the brain that was addicted to gluten and sugar. The body didn’t need these things. It wasn’t „hungry.” My mind was „hungry”, and it is a totally different thing!

I lost weight without any exercise and being hungry to 9 kgs in 3 months. But you know, it was summer, hot summer in 2018 and it was easier to get light meals. I felt rested, sharp and full of energy. My thyroid gland returned to normal, and I finally had a beautiful feminine figure.

It’s just that I love to eat. I love pizza and pasta and bread baked at home. I cook for myself and my partner. I taught him to eat healthy and sensible, but we don’t go crazy like Instagram food influencers with protein shakes.

My weight is back to 70kg, but I’m healthy. I’ve learned to listen to the body and give it what it needs. And I don’t force myself to eat something I don’t like. That’s kale, broccoli, turkey, citrus. Seems so healthy, doesn’t it?… You can see my meals at Pinterest. They’re all handmade by me.


Do you know that food also has a massive effect on asthma and pollen allergies? And lactose contributes significantly to airway deformity? And that it is worthwhile to put some products aside for spring season and polling grasses & trees?

Or constipation – that’s not cool at all. And you can have it even if you separate protein from carbohydrates or fats. And you don’t mix sugars with fats. Maybe the wine is in the food that your body doesn’t digest?

I recommend that everyone take an intolerance test, whether it’s from hair or blood. You should repeat the test once a year and observe your body. Our tastes change because we get sick, because we experience life, because of changes at work, at home… The body feels this and turns itself too. And it changes its demand and with it our tastes and eating style.

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