The first time I’ve read this text when I was a teenager; it will now be over twenty years ago. It amazed me, but it also surprised me. There was a particle inside me that sensed that there was something true in it…

The feeling of life, as playing a role in an earthly theatre has accompanied me since „always”. I felt that I am „at work” here, but also „resting”. I can’t take life seriously, and I quickly realised that what I see is a hologram, model, some unreality, nothing looks so real. Even my body seems so foreign, like outer clothes or a vehicle made of intricate, delicate parts.

For a long time, I searched the Internet for this story. It was only the day before yesterday that one of my clients from coaching consultations sent me this. I read it for the third time in my life and, just like the first time, it moved my heart. I will not let it get away anymore, so I put it on my blog.


Anthony Brasko

„Holidays on the blue planet.”

In another dimension, in a distant galaxy, in the middle of the Universum. There lives a group of immortal beings called the Rulers of Time. They have all the attributes of perfection, they are omnipotent, all-knowing, just and all-loving. They watch over all creation. They are responsible for maintaining the evolution of all life forms throughout their dominion. Now and then one of them goes on holiday.

Once upon a time, it was finally Set’s turn. Seth went to a travel agency to find a place to spend a well-deserved holiday for himself.

– Well, Mr Seth, – said the agent – we have seats available at the far ends of our star system, on the 'Red' planet. You can lie there upside down and enjoy all the pleasures of life.

– I have been there recently and it is beautiful there, but I would have preferred something more exotic – Mr Seth said.

– Perhaps you will like the 'Green Planet' in star sector 401, where you can rest in perfect peace. Lately, it has been a trendy place.

– No – Seth said – I would prefer an area where I can face some challenges.

– You will enjoy the NYX 73 spiral galaxy, where you will be the guiding and caring deity” – an enjoyable holiday for all the essential galaxies.

– That is not what I mean – Seth said – every day, the creatures I care for consider me to be a God, who I am not and even worship me. I would have preferred something more active, unique, exotic, which would have been a real challenge for me.

The agent thought about it for a moment and said:

– I think I have something like that. In a different dimension, at the far ends of space, there is a small sector of stars called the 'Milky Way'. We do not know where this name comes from. There is a 'Blue Planet'; you can play with yourself and the other Time Lords who are spending their holidays there. The leading entertainment is „playing hide and seek„. It is prevalent there. Before you go there, you have to decide how many incarnations you want to get and what role you want to play in your life. Because there is no time in our dimension and you are immortal, you can get as many lives as you wish. Right after your first incarnation on the blue planet, you will forget who you are so that you can look for yourself every time – in every life again. Between lives, you have to choose what you want to play in the next life. You also have to select your gender and your race. In every life, there are very cool games and plays called family or relationships. These can only make people laugh!

Seth has taken an interest:

– That sounds great. Tell me more about other games and plays that I can participate in while trying to find myself.

– Oh, there are a lot of them. You can take part in all of them during your holidays.

It is trendy to play „warrior games„. In this game, you can see how many times you can be killed in battle or in other circumstances where you help others to check the same. It is an amusing game, and the funny thing about it is that everyone takes it seriously. The majority take part about 600 times, due to a unique programme, such internal rules for holidaymakers on the blue planet, which are called Karma. I am telling you, you can die laughing, it is so much fun!

There is also a „merchant” or „businessman„. It shows how many times you can get rich and then lose everything. Exciting, delicious entertainment!

During the holidays you can also play the game „ruler and serfs” or „politicians and voters„, where you invent and set the rules of your own game, for other holidaymakers. You have to bring as many subjects or voters as possible, i.e. other holidaymakers, to the field. You have a lot of fun.

It is fascinating to play „thief„, „mafia man” or „dictator„, and you have to steal and kill as many holidaymakers as you can in the shortest possible time. Because of the internal regulations – Karma, then the roles turn around. For several hundred incarnations you take part in the game of the „poor man„, where other holidaymakers steal, oppress and kill you. Very exciting!

And what would you say to play the „working cry”? It is that you do the same thing every day for eight hours for about fifty years, and you get enough money to feed your family and get drunk from time to time—quite a popular game among holidaymakers.

If you choose the female sex, you can see how many times you can clean the house and cook before using up your body. I don’t understand that, but I have the feeling that this game is also supposed to help other holidaymakers to play what they call 'birth'.

One of the most popular activities is, listen carefully, a game that goes on alongside other activities. It is called a game of 'sacrifice and suffering'. You are just smiling here! You will see how many ordinary situations you can turn into tragedy – thousands! How many times you can die of a disease, how many times you can make you, as they say, unhappy. It seems that in this game, you have to train your mind so that it can evaluate and judge things negatively. I cannot understand it at all. It seems that they send holidaymakers to special schools to learn it well. But the first lessons are taken from those holidaymakers who play parents. If you practice a little, you will surely know what it is about.

But it is even better: You will see how many philosophical theories can be included in your collection in one game of finding yourself. If you become good at it, it can turn into a 'game of professor', or better still, a 'game of guru', where the participant thinks he or she is enlightened and helps other holidaymakers to play the study.

But the most sophisticated game that takes place during other games on the Blue planet is the game of religion and spirituality, where you have to believe in something that is not there instead of looking for yourself. Some holidaymakers are so fascinated by this incredible game that they join together in groups of so-called believers and compete with each other, do special rituals and some other strange things that I don’t understand, sometimes kill each other, for something they have invented and don’t exist. A really amazing and addictive game for many sets or even thousands of incarnations. A real delicacy!

However, be careful! Playing religion and spirituality is why it is so sophisticated because it hides the exit and the end of a holiday on the blue planet when you think that there are enough challenges and games. You find yourself and get bored of it, the constant search for yourself, it is because of the Karma programme, you will first be reborn as a teacher who will tell the truth to other holidaymakers, but they will not just listen to you! Then they will worship you as a prophet and messiah. They will be those who have just started a holiday on the blue planet and 'play hide and seek'. That is why they will not be interested in your truth, because it will spoil all the fun and they would end up having a holiday too early, and they would not know the other cool games.

At the very end of your holiday, you will be reborn near a place called Bodhgaya. Under a Bodhi tree, you will understand that this is the end of your holiday, and there is no point in „playing hide and seek”. And it is time to go back to work; you will teach other holiday Time Lords, who will also be near the end of the holiday and, like you, will have many attractions and games behind them. You will tell them the whole truth, this time they will not kill you, but they will be interested and first you alone, and then the other small groups will leave the blue planet.

How about that, Mr Set? If you sign up, you will get your first 450 incarnations free of charge. However, I would like to make sure that, to fully experience all the challenges, games and games on the blue planet, you have to experience at least 6 000 incarnations in different combinations. Some of the immortals liked the „fun in hide-and-seek” so much that we had to sign up for additional stays, they simply cannot boast, because it is a kind of new active recreation, which has recently been gaining crowds of loyal admirers, something like extreme sports.

We guarantee a perfect illusion that during the first few thousand incarnations, you will not recognise who you are, so as not to spoil the fun. All you have to do is sign an agreement that you will follow the internal rules and programme called Karma during your stay on the blue planet. That will only make all the fun more attractive.

Delighted Seth:

– That sounds great! A genuinely exotic holiday! Please save me on holiday on the blue planet. It must be a wonderful experience to look for myself, through so many incarnations!



Yesterday I was talking to one of my friends that we are tired of looking for something. That we don’t have any pressure to do anything, that the hut of Baba Yaga in a deserted forest is quite right, that we don’t want to 'convert', 'teach', 'make aware' others. That we are too old, that our present incarnation is pure enjoying, being and that we already want to finish this and go back Home.