Today a little bit, but hard to think, like wow!

I’m going to write a couple of „hard” sentences, and you guys are going to get your own way there.

The main subject is about health and why it’s sometimes worth letting go and listening to your body.

Here we go.

  • They say that milk is healthy and good for the bones, because calcium and growth, but 
  • then they discovered that it contains hormones and antibiotics and is no longer so healthy, and it is recommended to drink only the milk of the mother’s own, not the animal’s and that until 2-3 years of age, and therefore
  • they recommend drinking soya milk because it’s plant milk, but
  • soya is, after all, a GMO, a genetic engineering product, devoid of valuable phytoestrogens and in general a masquerade for vegetarians & vegans & non-to-lactose-tolerant lactose – it’s done marketing for a lot of good and business that hey – well 
  • they replace soya milk with almond milk, but
  • almonds are another mash of nuts (cashews too!), which the sun hasn’t seen either, and so much controversy around them as around palm oil (unethical production and logging of tropical forests, it’s delicately written and so on), and that’s why they’re targeting 
  • oat milk, but it’s a matter of time as well as the cereal will get genetic because grains (muesli) are generally hard to digest if you don’t have a functioning intestine, and few people have dripping guts in the age of omnipresent sugars (aspartame, glucose syrup, etc.), sodium glutamates (there are allergies to it, too!) and unassimilable gluten (spraying grain with harmful glyphosate), it’s only a matter of time before oats will also become harmful gluten as corn and therefore of all this
  • we become milk – cowards, normally nothing fits!
  • What’s there to drink, what’s there to eat?! Because it seems that
  • they poison us, so much chemistry in the food, so much splashing, so many unnecessary additives and flavour enhancers they press on, we’re not sure about anything, and that’s probably why
  • we should „eat” the air, switch to breatharianism or something but hey…!
  • The atmosphere is also unhealthy, the smog, toxins, exhaust fumes, less and less ionising trees in cities, and in the countryside, too, because they burn plastics in stoves. Cow fertilisers are no longer natural, and when they sow rapeseed (which is as harmful as soy and corn), their smell also poisons! And those chemtrails in the sky, those smudges from aeroplanes, we also inhale them and get depressed. There is no way to cultivate even your garden because of planes with that smog… There is no way to breathe, and they convince us to use „healthy” sun rays and 
  • to crave vast amounts of vitamin D3, which they cruelly skimp on in tablets and business-oriented lower the standards for its daily needs, but
  • too much sun leads to tanorexia (tanning addiction), and tanning in general harms and causes skin cancer, so
  • we need to apply protective sunscreens to avoid skin cancer (whatever it is), but sunscreens with UV filters 
  • it is also ready-made cancer because it contains chemicals and various alcohols that penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, organs and brain – poisoning in a word very subtly!
  • Everything around us leads to cancer, oh! Phones that we won’t part with and that produce mega harmful radiation to our brain, especially when we sleep with them under a pillow or next to our head.


Normally, nothing fits…

There will always be someone who will push that it is his raw food style that is best for your diabetes, his radiators will protect you from brain cancer, that his sunscreen is entirely natural for the skin. That his apples have been sprayed only once and not forty times as everywhere, and that his „vegan”, „organic” sticker is no bribery.

Chill out there!

It’s just marketing, pure business, brass and scaring, manipulation and mind programming, even from people who have good intentions because the results don’t have to be good anymore.

Don’t take anything that doesn’t suit you that doesn’t suit your body or your conscience.

Please think before you take something in your mouth, on your skin, before you read something and believe it.

Think and be aware of this whole game around you.

It’s just business.