First, a bit of plain, standard developmental text, which circulates the unlimited Internet and then the upside-down sentence of Aneta. Because the text seems to be strong, but my sentence may be more persuasive. You like it. You like it when I show perspectives other than the crowds applaud.

Here we go.


First, a classic text straight from a personal life-coach number one – Socrates. So what we choose makes us the people we want to be. And where we supposed to be in five years. Because what you choose below from two options shows your priorities in life.

  • Shopping in a healthy food store – £100 – „Too expensive! I prefer to spend it on something else!” I know how those few hundred pounds look like in the light of a monthly salary, and I’m not surprised, but on the other hand
  • A date at a good restaurant – £100 – looks pretty decent, and the guy without blinking will still tip the waiter another hundred.


Health food stores are expensive, but it just seems so. Count it for the time of eating all these organic supplements, gluten-free flours, preparing food with the knowledge that you eat well, qualitatively and healthily and without harming your body (because of allergies, for example). You have no stress, no fear in the background – that you eat gluten, because it’s harmful; because you’re getting fatter from it, because cheaper and faster. There is no fear when you eat consciously. Even if you eat gluten-free bread for £5, sprinkled with organic turmeric for £13 and fermented tofu from Japan for £15, you will still lose both your money and your health – if you eat and buy it all under the duress of hashtag trends, healthy lifestyle and your dream figure. It is a common scumbag that hardly anyone can notice; because you can be healthy even by eating everything and buying things from the lowest shelves.

Dating at a good restaurant, that is where we know what and how they do, which has good reviews, excellent service and climate; especially date with a girl who can become your future wife or just a girl for one night – this £100 really does not hurt. Once a month, every six months, it really does not hurt. You can always find a voucher with a discount (because dinner actually costs twice as much), you can still treat it as a kind of reward for yourself, celebrating a special moment. The money will come back because the energy of the money is always on the move and comes back as long as you don’t make it a fear.

If you need it, you will have money for shopping in healthy food and for a good restaurant. And you don’t have to choose between them. I don’t choose, I’m trying to make those two choices for myself. It’s called a compromise.

Next one.

  • A monthly supply of supplements – £100 – „Uh, I can’t afford it, too expensive…” As above, especially with the well-known healthy lifestyle women, I’ll skip the names, you know who I mean. Some will spend every hundred dollars just to get hashtags from them. All right. But some will criticise those who buy from them because they have money; because they’re rich somehow; because some people can afford it and they can’t. Wealth isn’t about having money; it’s about managing the money, even the money from the pig-bank. And the second choice is how to dissolve the monthly health care in one night – 
  • clubbing with friends – £100 – a well-deserved rest after a hard week of work. You deserve it. And let’s stick to that.

For a simple reason – those who like fitness and healthy food will choose the first option, those who wish to dance and socialise with friends will choose the second one. Each of these groups is different, has different priorities, different personalities, different lives to live. I don’t see a connection here between what to choose. If I want to, I will buy a six-month supply of supplements and go to have fun with my friends. What’s the problem? One hundred pounds doesn’t hurt, I’ll work extra, make money, put them in saving account. No pin, no fear.


Another choice:

  • Personal Development Seminar – £1500 – „A whooping great lie!” – so say someone who considers personal trainers to be modern-day businessmen of the minds. And let him talk. Not his fairy tale, not his life, not his experience, he doesn’t have to interfere, he doesn’t have to hate, because he will choose something else that will give him joy and recognition on social media, which is
  • pants belt from Armani – £1500.

A matter of priorities. The question of life to survive. I don’t understand why I have to choose? I can have both. If I have a need and there’s a sale with a particular influencer, I’ll take it, buy it, read it. The Armani belt will wait, it won’t run away, I’ll just buy it next season in a discount. I’m also waiting for my first motorcycle. I had and have other priorities (books, teeth, hearing aids, HCV therapy), the motorcycle will wait, I’m not worried there, and I’m in no hurry. You don’t have to either. Expensive clothes can be easily found in TkMaxx, second-hand shops or after seasonal reductions. No problem.

Don’t set your goals, expectations, don’t get attached, don’t make a „life and death issue”. If you choose wisely, you will have development training with an Armani belt in your pants. Ego is full.


Next one.

  • Starting your own business – £1000 – „Oh dear, why so much?!…” Yeah, it just looks so expensive, but it’s only numbers on computer and paper. You can get grants, loans and then roll up your sleeves and have fun with your business. The money will come and payback. Well, the desire to change is another fairy tale, because someone is afraid of change and fears for their future business – the money won’t earn. For their own prestige and the security of social acceptance, the same person will spend these money on
  • iPhone 11Pro – £1000 – „Because you must have. Because everybody has. And it’s going to be awesome.

Why can’t you have both? Why can’t you take a phone on instalments and make a legal deal with grants/loans? Or put the phone as a start base in the company? A decent phone will really help you start your own business. The rest will come. It’s an investment in yourself and your future.


Next one.

  • An hour at the fitness club – I wish I had that much time…” It’s still nothing. The best ones are those who drive a 5 miles by car to the gym one way to run 10miles on a treadmill.
  • An hour of the show on Netflix – „Oh, this time flies by so fast, maybe another episode?

I know. I’ve got Netflix myself, and I know how the damn thing sucks. But I’ve found a way to combine both. I turn on my favourite series, and I’m going to do one or two episodes of hoola-hop and practice. I finish my show, and I’m so still excited, I turn on something else from Zumba or Youtube dancing. This way, I „bake two sweat-soaked roasts on one fire„. Instead of hoola-hop, you have maybe a treadmill? Stationary bicycle? Rope jumper? And when you really need to get to the gym, you can always take that iPhone 11Pro from a government grant and turn your show on the treadmill. Why to choose? Compromise is better.

And so it is with many other examples in life.

Why choose when you can have everything? A solid choice gives us a sense of fear, disapproval by the public, a push back, a sticking point. You seem to have to choose, but don’t be fooled by beautiful words from life-coaching trainers on the Internet. Each of us has our unique priorities in life, our lessons to learn, our sense of timing.

People may envy you that you earn extra money on Shopify by drop-shipping, and they want you to show them, teach them a bit. But when you ask them the question „What do you choose – your favourite beer show after work every day or investment in yourself to learn?” – they’ll say they want a rest. And that beer will be a priority for them. After all, you can comfortably lie down on the sofa, have a blanket on your legs, have a beer on the table next to the couch, record a series for „later” and sit down to your own business. You can. That’s why I say – if someone wants to and has predispositions for it (esotericism bows) he will choose black or white.

Compromise makes society full, and you happy simultaneously. It is enough to think, re-think, adapt the conditions to your prayer, adjust to your abilities, plan. Dare. And you will not choose between black and white. You choose pink.

Life is not a choice. Life is about compromises. Your compromises.


two choices