You know, I’m deaf, I’m female, and change is my daily bread. And that’s why I want to prove to everyone that I can do it alone. I can write books, and I can build a shop. Two shops. I am capable of taking care of promotion on social media. And even though I’m a pile of rubbish in finance and marketing, I can’t manage it all alone.

But I can think enough to ask others for help.

For example, in Fiverr.

Look at what my way has been like over the last three years. Because it’s actually an affiliate post and I kindly ask you to click 🙂


My M. suggested this option, more professional than Canva, which I was playing with at the time (oh, at the time I had no idea about design in Canva, today it’s simple). So I started with ebook covers because I thought Fiverr was only famous for graphic design.

Ebook covers – I paid £35 for two covers. I wasn’t satisfied at all, I was disappointed, and then I went back to Canva and Freepik (premium versions), where I designed myself. I learned. One cover below, the other one I got lost somewhere, but no worries, it was in a similar style.

Deaf Motorbike logo – £30 and has become a universal logo used for merchandising. I added an unlimited revisions option, and I did the right thing. In the end, it turned out that you had to reposition the hand with „I love you” sign in sign language. They gave me all the versions of the files, also ones needed for high-resolution printing.


Deaf woman cooks – £30. Temporary logo for my temporary culinary project. I was happy with the logo, but the project itself gave me a lot of time I didn’t have, and I didn’t feel like sitting by the phone all the time. But I am satisfied with the service.

And the time has come to change my personal brand logo. I searched, I thought, because I didn’t know what I wanted. The trials were like this:

The women’s logo was £17. The quality was great, but it didn’t appeal to me.

Logo of the watercolour type – £25. Neither. It was getting closer and closer, but neither was that ONE.

The current logo of my blog – it was fast, cheap and with a full social media kit, including business cards and stationery. For £29. That was it. I even asked for a separate signature.

Video inserts so-called „intro” to the Youtube channel and not only – £18. I could choose from several options, and I got five different versions. But this designer was recommended by my M., who also ordered an intro to his YT canal from him. I saw how it made an impression before.

Etsy and Pinterest promotion – I already had a Deaf Motorbike store on Etsy, and a business profile on Pinterest and I wanted to see how it would work in practice. The effects exceeded my expectations, the displays and visits I had since the collection. However, due to the niche (because deaf and motorcycles), there were no sales. I paid £52 for a month’s promotion on both channels. I will come back to this in the future when I get more sales. The guy set me a decent SEO right away.

In the meantime, I was also looking for a Polish translator from Polish into English, I sent a sample, and the costs overwhelmed me. Because the language and melody of my texts are specific and no freelancer from Bangladesh with an automatic translator can do that. For 20 A4 pages, the guy wanted £180. I went another way and invested in Grammarly, thanks to which I translate texts on my English blog (here).

That’s all for now. Some things I do myself on Canva and some things I do on Fiverr.

Because Fiverr really is tremendous! You can find everything there. Even things you wouldn’t think you could find and SELL. Sell KNOWLEDGE. People sell knowledge, skills and do it effectively. From graphic design, through esoteric services, voice over-ing, all kinds of marketings, selling apartments, to „I’ll send you what you want from Japan„. Creativity has no limits.

There is always someone who needs your knowledge and skills. It is an excellent place to start your little online business or make money on the side. I’m also a seller there, and I advertise my unique drawings (when you click on the picture, it will send you back to the site).


You can also make a request for anything you need, specify your requirements and place an ad and wait for the offers to start pouring out. You will browse and choose. Be careful, choose carefully, know what you want and what to expect. And most of all – be nice, don’t forget of courtesy. There is no room for slander or criticism. If something doesn’t suit you, you just thank you and go on looking. I know from my own experience that small things can pay for themselves and a simple „thank you” sometimes can do something extra for free.

So if you know English, not even perfecto, because lame legs there also advertise, you are friendly, and you want to do something for yourself or others – I highly recommend. And even if something is not that, write to me and I’ll help you to go through the gourd and thicket of this portal.

And when you want really, really top quality for your products – I recommend you to visit Pro Fiverr.

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