As I wrote in my last English post, here is another one with a free sample of my unique ebook. I need your help. And motivation. Precisely, I need your opinion. At least, right now, because putting it into sale looks dramatical for me so far so I shall leave it.

Once was a post here, too good to be free, also too good for my blog. I decided to change it and started writing short storytelling.


My ebook is divided into three parts. Every part has several small chapters. The first part, also the main book, has got the critical question in the finish.


And here is a surprise.


The answer to this question depends on you. You will choose a suitable option, and you will find out how that option is going to finish.

There are two answers, two options, two other parts.

And you will decide what will happen to the main character.


It will be pretty close and intimate for you because that main character is everyone – you, your friend, cousin or your favourite nurse in a hospital. Everyone will find themselves in that person.


I narrate the full ebook – I „lend” my voice, my thoughts, my knowledge.

While reading it, you could „hear” my voice; you could easily forget where you are and what reality is around you. I guarantee you that feeling!

But is it just one feeling? No, there is steady (slow, getting intense) action which is dependable on your choice at the end of the first part.


The ebook will be sold separately, I think. I haven’t decided yet about that form. I’m going to ask someone professional later on when I will finish the third part.


Please, my dear readers, read that sample which I put below and let me know what do you think about it. I am opened to you all – I widely consider every opinion. The title is not chosen yet. It is the last thing a writer needs to think of.


The full ebook is proofreading by Grammarly and thanks to that website (and an affiliate program, too) I fell quite confident to write in the English language!


Me, a deaf woman from Poland and living in England. Me, deaf blogger and publisher two Polish ebooks.


You can say I am self-worthy and brave and kind of „why not?”. Precisely, why not? Do I have anything to lose?



So? Ready?






Do you want to play with me?

Do you want to close your eyes and let your imagination to spread broadly?

Do you want to try your thinking and make a big decision?

Do you want to check your morality? And feel how does is like to be a good or evil human?

Do you want to see what will happen if you choose between two options?

That choice is only yours.

The consequences of this choice, too.


But the future does not belong to you.

It belongs to someone’s else.


Let’s have fun.


Chapter One – You are here and wondering what to do


Imagine yourself sitting at your desk. Or on a sofa.

Alone. Nobody at home. Entry doors are closed. You don’t expect anyone to visit you.

Silence everywhere. Maybe sometimes the sounds of street traffic by the slightly opened window are coming to your ears. Perhaps you have put headphones on and listening to classical music. Or hip-hop.

You have cold pizza, fresh tomatoes and a few cans of Coke in the fridge. You see some oatcakes on the bowl untidily lying on the coffee table. Two opened bags of chips: your favourite ones – cheese & onion.

You feel safe, comfortable, so peaceful, don’t you? There is nothing more significant you need right now.


I am sure you hide something inside in your heart. This is sorrow.

You are tired of the existing system, your life situation, injustice around you, false media. You forgot what your dreams are, how joy is felt, how to laugh and dance. You are limited.

And you are pretty sure you are not able to change that state.

What are you doing then?

I see you are surfing throughout the unlimited Internet. Cats, puppies, vegan recipes. Cats, boobs, beer adverts. Cats, funny gags, weather in Oslo. Cats, wars, politics.

Kittens again.

Admit it. You saw almost everything. There is high impossibility the Internet could surprise you somehow.

Admit it. You are bored, aren’t you?

Nothing makes a man more „meatball” than boredom.


Come on!

Don’t forget your excellent skills. After all, you used to work as a network developer, and you can do programming!

Your mind is getting excited. Something fascinating is hatching — more enthusiastic, more, more. Your imagination woke up in full and now is lively running around the brain. Fantasy! Fun!

Now you are observing this vibrant and colourful slides of life frames. The frames that your eyes remembered while watching the world around you – TV, comics, stores, parks, nursery homes, family gatherings. Your world is full of your memories.

Memories, pictures, words, thoughts…


„Why I couldn’t create my world??”


Indeed! Why wouldn’t you?


Why wouldn’t you be a God?