Sometimes I used to write in the English language. Not because I live in England and I am kind of obliged to do so, no. Thinking in English is totally different, for me it sounds like a melody on the lake in an empty forest. Tales, legends, medieval style, princesses and knights, old and cosy buildings.


But let’s start from the beginning.


I am deaf and this is my first blog post in English on my own Polish website. Let’s find out how it will work out in the future.


About one year ago I started translating, unfortunately manually, my sooo long posts here. It was pretty tiring and time-consuming so quickly I gave up. Also, I wasn’t sure of my English grammar and haven’t got anyone to proofread.


I learn English since my primary school, continuing until the exam in high school. My Mum spent a lot of money for my private lessons. I wasn’t able to hear the spoken words, sentences, stories in that language so my tutor did put particular emphasis on non-verbal communication.


In summer 2007 I came to King’s Lynn, Norfolk. I thought I knew English pretty enough to be able to communicate here in the first months. But spoken language is not my strong point so I visited the local Deaf Centre and asked lovely lady Amanda to get some help in British Sign Language. Later on, I used to go to West Norfolk Deaf Association very often – to meet new deaf friends and seek help or advice, mostly by telephone which I wasn’t able to use.


You know, learning written English could be easy, but it isn’t. As I don’t hear I haven’t got kind of hearing memory, the ear for music, etc. I read by lips and in England, this is extremely hard – you have to be aware of zillions accents in one shire! One and the same word on many lips is visually different, there is no chance to learn them by heart so fast like in the Polish language. And when comes to the conclusion – my spoken English is really bad. But also typical for deaf people. I stammer a lot, I put words in illogical grammar order when I speak to someone. My voice is quiet and inarticulate. My tongue isn’t fully rehabilitated so some words like 'world', 'schedule', 'Thursday' are difficult for me to say aloud.


Of course, I used to read English books (I loved 'Canterbury tales' or 'Beowulf'), read subtitles in movies or business magazines but where comes to the writing I still think in a simple style. You can see it here.


I can say that spoken and written English are pretty different styles of communication for people like me.


And after twelve years ago of being here I’m still not confident in talking with others. Not because I wouldn’t understand but they wouldn’t hear me what I say. Fortunately, there are quicker and more convenient options for both sides – paper & pen or typing on mobile/laptop/tablet. Modern and high-tech times should be easier for us, but the reality shows that I am still vulnerable in many situations.


That’s fine, I got used to it. I wouldn’t change my silence to anything in the world. It is helpful when I take my laptop, sit in a crowdy coffee shop, turn my hearing aid off and sinking in my own, limitless imagination which I devolve into this blog or ebooks.


You know what? Once, there was a post here, the most popular one, and I was thinking and thinking and thinking… It was too good to be here, especially for free. So I decided I will change it into an ebook. But how? And what it would look like?


My boyfriend used to have a lot of ideas in the marketing field. One of them was quite an unusual type of book. When I was listening to him, immediately inside my head appeared the whole shape of that post-ebook.


„That’d be really good!”


He also aimed me at Amazon and its Kindle store. Well, why not?
I printed out that article, divided into few parts and smaller chapters and after all, I started building the table of contents.


And then writing.


In the English language.

Because THAT language, not the Polish one, but exactly English, perfectly suits to storytelling in my ebook.


And here we go.

What about English grammar? I can’t stand the huge money of professional review for such little book. What to do? Where to seek for a help?


My boyfriend came with help, again, bless him! He sent me a link to the Grammarly website and told it is free. I put one chapter there and wow… I was surprised how many little mistakes I managed to make and I was impressed how precisely that website corrected my sentences. For free! Wow! Immediately I installed the Grammarly application in my laptop.


My self-confidence was back and quickly I have finished two of three parts of my ebook.


In my next English post, I will show you one or two chapters from this ebook. Do you want to read it? And motivate me to finish it? And help me to publish it in Amazon? (hehe…)


Overall, I think that maybe finally it’s time for me to write posts in English, too? Thanks, Grammarly.


I find it very useful and I am more than sure this software would be really helpful for people with the hearing problem (well, school education isn’t good) or for those ones who want to improve their written English.


And when you want to proofread your blog article, social media post or write a professional letter then you have this great website (or desktop app).

All my English posts you can find in the 'ENG' bookmark which is put above in the Menu.


P.S. I sent this raw post to Grammarly and it has found 60 issues for the first time! Twenty in grammar, twenty in punctuation, and then speeling, enhancement, style and sentence structure. Well, I might be perfect in Polish language but I see there is a lot to learn in professional writing in English.


P.S.2. And yeah, this is post based on Grammarly affilliate program I have started recently.