I talk with your soul – advices and consultations


I guess you have read one or a few notes on my blog. 

I can’t believe those notes didn’t move you. They heart-move everyone.

Did your heart kill you faster when you read? Did it protest? Or did it jump out of joy?

Or did a million questions come to your mind? And now you’re drowned in your dilemmas and doubts? Because experience has verified your views and you have no one to ask about it?

For me there are no strange subjects, I understand everything. I don’t judge anyone, and I know perfectly well that each of us is different and has its own way of life.

And I will gladly walk this way with you, and I will brighten it up, give you advice, give you tips. I did not appear in your life by accident.

During our correspondence, I do not talk to you, I speak to your soul, I reach out to your soul, overlooking Earth’s barriers, and through contact with it, I answer your questions, problems and doubts. Therefore, you can be sure that the answers will be unique, individual and addressed only to you.

Because it is not me, but your soul knows best when and for what knowledge you are ready.


After the payment is made, please write me an email with questions and concerns, let me know that you are there. I will check if your money has been debited and then I will try to answer as soon as possible. I have a part-time job, and my free time, so please be patient. There is a video chat option – please let me know in advance, and we will make an appointment about the style of communication, also in the British Sign Language.  

Payment can be made via PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay (on phones) and transfer to an English account. 

The purchase of the consultation is valid for seven days. During this time, our number of emails is unlimited. In the case of webcam calls, it is advisable to make an appointment in advance.

I have many years of experience in conversations with others. The final decision will be yours alone, and I have no right to deny it.

I guarantee full anonymity as well as the certainty that the content of our talks will not be included in posts on my blog.

I will be grateful for leaving an opinion about the service.



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