What is there to wish for? 2020 has changed a lot worldwide, and it has turned upside down all values, goals and plans. It has brutally disrupted earthly harmony. People have learned the taste of humanity – the taste of what is most important in their life.

Another person.

Therefore, what should we wish for the next year? Will it be better?

Unfortunately, it will not be better. There will be more frustration, more fighting inside and around us, more depression and sacrifice. There will be more work.

The struggle for balance on Earth has always existed; the poles of good and evil are always balanced. In 2020, this struggle has gone to a much higher level – esoteric-spiritual, astral levels – so it may seem 'worse', 'stronger', and easy to give up, but it is equally comfortable to fight as well.

The human ego in the era of consumption (online shopping) and pseudo-introversion (Zoom, Skype, etc.) blurs hands with joy. The ego likes to be afraid, likes to suffer, whine, complain and break hands. He wants to be the best at it. But ego also likes to help by force, to convert, to prove that his truth is the truest, that its light is the warmest and brightest. And he wants to be the best in it too.

A few years ago, I wrote wishes on a blog. I wished you a lot of kicks in the ass from life. Lent caused a lot of resentment and heated discussion. Hardly anyone understood that kicks in the ass are needed in life, they are a second pole, so necessary for balance. Without them, we would be warm noodles.


We would be unharmed slaves to the illusion of happiness and positive affirmations.


Do you know when there is a balance? When you are in the middle – when you attract neither good nor bad. When you lie to the excess right, and what lies on the other side of the scale flies with a bang on you. Conversely, when you lean to extra misfortune, negativity, what lies on the other side flies to you. But who will understand it? That we find happiness in misery? And we can turn something bad into something good?

This year’s Christmas holidays are different. Most of us are separated, left alone, away from family, relatives and other friends. There is nowhere to run away, nowhere to hide. There is no asylum.

For some, they don’t have to listen to toxic wishes from the family – when will you have a child, when will you find a husband, when will you lose weight, when will another child, when will you start a family, when will you give me grandchildren, when will you smile? You will never know what the other person is hiding, do not judge.

Few people have a family like mine, where there was no room for 'Likewise' when sharing the holy wafer. My family quickly understood that the most important thing is their happiness and health, because 'we will deal with the rest'. Every year, they keep proving it.

2020 is the first year I have not visited my family in Poland. And I feel strange and sad about that. Earlier, we also took care of our contact, if not me then my sister; we filled life and energy alternately. Now my Mum and Auntie cannot even visit their Mum (my Grandmother), who is locked in an elderly care home.

They forced us to be alone. They have taken away what is most important – another person. They have taken away our choice and freedom.


You know, even a high spiritual awareness will not help to explain all this. 2020 has brought us down to our knees, brutally. Our grandparents had a war with rifles, and they had hunger and poverty. Our parents fought for an independent state against communism. But we have a new war, a psychological war – there are no rifles and no hunger. It is convenient; it is safe, there is only the Internet in this war, there is a word, and there is a manipulation of information. And all of us, wanting it not, participate in this at different levels, from different perspectives. Will spirituality help?

Yes, it will help regain balance; it will help tip the scales when it is too much at one pole. In what sense will it help? Through meditation? It depends on you. We have different means, tools, books, influencers of the spiritual and earthly ones.

Take everything you feel connected with. Fight, let go, wave your hands, roll up your sleeves, take care of the world, take care of yourself. Do what you have done so far.

But in the higher level.

The next generation will have another „balance”, a level higher than ours, energy level, quantum level. We are already preparing them for this.

This is evolution – of consciousness, Earth, man.

The past year has shown how much we need another human. How much we need to use our senses in contact with another human being. How much we need these senses to see, feel, touch, taste, hear others.

How much we need the other person to develop, to move forward, to see ourselves in them. How much we need to experience the other person to fill ourselves, to love ourselves.

May the year 2021 release an unprecedented strength and endurance within us all. Not as physical as our grandparents had, not as mental as our parents had, but as energetic endurance. It protects, builds, strengthens and balances.


Balance us all, my dears!