They tell you this everywhere – be yourself and conquer the world, money, fame and likes. Be yourself and do against everyone. Be yourself and make your dreams come true. Be yourself and love yourself, love your body as you wish.

Be yourself and don’t give a shit what others think.

That’s right. You don’t give a shit what others think. And it doesn’t have to come from an optimistic and vibrant influencer.

What if I say that being yourself is also NEGATIVE?

Or I don’t have to have any intentions, and you’re going to take this being yourself in your way?

Each of us has unique predispositions, characters, personalities, views and lifestyles, just like we chose for his incarnation. And since the rotation of souls on Earth is vast, unimaginable, your earthly life is really nothing compared to the „life” of your soul. Because we will come back for sure in a different form, with other lessons to be reworked, to experience.

And it may turn out that for the present incarnation, the soul chose the role of „victim of fate.” As a loser, the peculiarities of life, a warm noodle/potato couch. The soul wants to try what it’s like to have canyons, depressions, want to feel what it’s like to be selfish all the time and not notice the help from outside. She wants to feel what it’s like to sit in an armoured wall and not let anybody in. She wants to feel loneliness, misunderstanding, lack of acceptance by herself and her surroundings. 

And here are the different scenarios because such a person may want to change his life. Under the influence of motivational speakers' suggestions, which can last for several years, under the control of teachers' lectures at the university, under the influence of random travellers on the train. And then she will discover that the wall broke, that she came out of the cocoon, that she looked clearly with her eyes, that the space around her opened up and there is suddenly so much to do.

And it can be all the time in the initial stage until her earthly death. She can stay in her cocoon, be tightly closed, not wanting to accept help or see it. He may like to worry about herself and pull herself down. Maybe. And she has a right.

And you know what? 

In this last case, this person WILL BE HERSELF, too. You can tell her the same thing.

„Be yourself.”

Stay at the crossroads. Vacillate between the hammer and the anvil. Suffer and self-flagellation. Earn money, spend more than you earn and complain that you can’t afford it, instead of changing something. Get sick, swallow pills, cough and complain that doctors don’t do anything. Eat burgers every day and cry that you weigh 113kg. Write on your blog that Reptiles will eat our souls, and Samsara is the real truth. Curse and hatchet on politicians and do nothing to make your children live better. Break hands, don’t fight, sit and cry. You were born an introvert, and you want to be a company bugger? And you don’t want to accept that? So don’t. Nobody’s telling you to do so.

You’re finally yourself, aren’t you?

I’ve written many times before that there must be a balance on Earth. There has to be good and evil because people like to choose, to compare, to give intentions and meaning. They want to label and name. The truth is relative; it is subjective and will never be the same for everyone. There are so many names, feelings, colours, there are so many hashtags, attractor fields and you can connect to anything that suits you. 

Actually, what fits the soul. As far as this one exists too. Or some kind of middle, Absolut, God. Something that makes you have this life, something that makes you make these decisions, something that makes you connect to these energies. 

You can be yourself by experiencing spiritual and esoteric happiness in various forms. You can be yourself by experiencing falls, turmoil and sitting in the holes you dug. 

So, if you tell each of these people to be themselves, you think they’ll listen to you?

After all, this person is himself all the time. Her real inner, which is supposed to be unchangeable, is bullshit. A person changes all the time. Even one who stands at an earthly crossroads or who breaks his hands all his life over the futility of this world – we can feel the subtle energy changes during his life. And he will still be himself. 

„Being yourself” is currently one of the most magnificent shadows of the modern world. People follow influencers, motivational speakers, witches, who for money, a right word they want to hear, they value your vanity, they will tickle your ego. They offer you the illusion of positive change, personal development, and they will convince you that you have changed for the better, that you have discovered more versions of yourself, you have expanded. They will make you believe in yourself. But just for a moment.

Seriously, you will still be yourself. You will always be called John Harris, with birth vibration 7 and a specific line of destiny. You will still be yourself in all esoteric aspects, and this will not change until death. 

Only your superficial energy layer will change, which does not affect the whole destiny of your current incarnation because it all is fixed anyway. 

You will always be yourself, always. No matter what you are, what you do, where you live, or how much you change along the way. 

Many of you can correct that, after doing certain things, after going through individual experiences, after moving from a crossroads, a person feels fuller, breathes deeper and feels that he or she is finally himself and flourishes. 

Before, she was also herself. All the time, she was herself. Had it not been for her earlier „version” from before the turning points, she would not have reached the point where she is now. 

Next to „be yourself” is „enlightenment” or „awakening„. One does not exclude the other. With every such enlightenment, you will remain yourself. You will not change your skin, body, date of birth. Even fake will be felt. But life around you, its quality, its style, its work, the people around you will change, yes. But you’ll still be yourself –

an acceptance of your unique BEING AWARE.

And it doesn’t have to be positive. It is the ego that wants to change the world for its own sake, because it wants to see the illusion of pleasant happiness around it, and therefore it is trying to „fix” other, sad, poor souls.