I sometimes talk to one friend in France about accessibility for the deaf, communication in masks with the hearing people, and we exchange healthy ideas. And when he sent me another concept of a transparent mask that raises funds for production, I read what improvements it has, what technology, how much active carbon and HEPAs and N9x different, normally oh and ah… my hands fall off.

Covid-19 is a biological-media weapon, as we knew long ago and masks are not only a lucrative business but also bringing people to the lowest possible physical and mental level.

Look at it.

The world is changing completely, also its energy changing. People notice things they have overlooked before; they choose differently; they question life’s priorities. But let’s put this topic aside. Because there are as many versions as „experts”. Each of us knows his or her own, listens to his or her own centre and let’s stick to that. This sphere of spirituality is an individual and should not be generalised. The fact is that the energy of the Earth is changing and we should care so much about it.

But esotericism lives now in full swings. Mandatory temperature measurements from infrared/laser thermometers, etc., which imitate weapons when they are attached to the forehead. A grain of stress is sown in an unconscious person. As it goes on, a gun attached to someone’s head will not make any impression, it will not matter whether they die or fight for life. But the general point is that the „thermometer” is aimed at the pineal gland. It does not matter whether it is on the forehead or to the ear; the area is the same. And the pineal gland (third eye, Horus' eye) is responsible for spirituality, for the sixth chakra, for the connection with clouds. In biological terms, it is responsible for dream hormones (melatonin), for stress, for depressions (if little melatonin and abnormal thyroid function). There are many other examples.

The prohibition to enter anywhere with an higher body temperature is another element of fear and a simple way to exacerbate the disease or complications or death. The most important thing is that you can’t be afraid of the disease, or of the difficulties, or of death. I will show you the paradox on my example. Recently I went to the dentist with a raised temperature, because the infection entered the gums and I had to prove that this inflammation and not the coronavirus caused the fever. I showed them the news that for the last three months, I have been doing regular tests for the crown (a requirement at work) and still have a disadvantage. What if they would not accept me?

The same with respirators. Doctors turn up machines that deform the lungs, and the patient dies in agony. The chosen ones survive Covid-19 because they undergo oxygen therapy. It is one of many conspiracy theories.


Let us go back to the masks.

While cotton or surgical masks are still okay, as far as some cosmic, silicone, plastic or neoprene ones are concerned, it’s an inflexion.

Human body evolves, adapts to new conditions, to new microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, microscopic microorganisms. We survived all flu mutations (swine, bird, someone survived Spanish?). Once we fall ill, we become somehow immune to it – broths, vitamin C calibrations, warm bed. Masks have not been obligatory so far, and we know from the statistics that regular flu kills more every year than the current Covid-19. The human body adapts to newer and newer virus mutations, and it will surely also adapt to Covid-19 in the next few years. The home remedies have proven this, Chinese medicine has also managed with liquorice and honeysuckle at the forefront. People live on, with a plus in their blood, but they live, just like any influenza virus, hepatitis, cervix and HIV.

And when the immunity drops, the viruses become active and attack the body. A person gets sick. Okay. He’ll be fine.

And now let’s wear masks. And let’s go to work, to the city, to shopping, to the bar, the restaurant, the plane. We feel safe because a neoprene mask with activated carbon will protect us from germs.

Will we be less ill as a result? Will all diseases of the world disappear? Will we be free of flu, allergies, viruses and airborne or droplet-borne bacteria?

No. We will be sicker more. Because the body will lose its immunology, forget about immunity, forget how to fight, neglect platelet production.

And in some time, let’s say a couple(s) of years, such a man will take off his mask on a bus and catch the first better flu virus – he will die right away. No broth with collagen in a warm bed will help anymore.

The business of supplements is going to be more and more heated. We will no longer be able to cure ourselves of organic food because the body will adapt to take artificial minerals and vitamins from tablets and powders. And it doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or omnivore or if you don’t care and program your subconscious positively.


It will no longer be like it used to be in the 80s and 90s. While the Earth’s energy changes, human biochemistry will also evolve. But not necessarily in the right direction.

Remember, there must be a balance on Earth. Only the quality of the life bar will change.