The year 2020 is not easy; a lot is going on in it. It is the beginning of significant changes, both planned and unplanned. Although I will write this post from the perspective of a Polish woman (who has Asian-Slavic roots), I will also present here a much broader perspective.

We will see what I can do. (I finished and this text came out exactly as it was supposed to come out – BEAUTIFUL!)

Before Christianity appeared on Earth, there was relative calm. There were different beliefs, cults, with an equal division between gods and goddesses. People lived according to the laws of nature and their rhythm of day and body; in the case of women depending on the weather, phases of the Moon, stars, seasons, a particular religion.

Jesus appeared, his apostles. People started to „measure” time, and a new era came.

Then in year 325 at the Council of Nice, the bishops and the Emperor Constantinople collected all the evangelises and made one universal Bible. At the same time, they scrupulously swept Jesus' wife, Mary Magdalene, under the carpet.

Thus, they established that the woman once and for all as an unclean, subjective, slave creature, as the incarnation of the devil. They 'implanted' SHAME in her.

Religious patriarchy has begun. A man started to decide on the fate of a woman; the Church mixed up with politics. And so it was for centuries – a woman was stigmatised, harassed, tortured for her sex, and systematically humiliated to a lesser degree. There were stakes, great migrations, female schools and boarding schools, fights and protests by suffragettes & feminists.

Then came medicine and the mass media. Everything got mixed up, „knowledge” started to manipulate human fear.

There were no stakes anymore, but the patriarchy was holding its crowds firmly over women. The little girl was being prepared for a specific role in life, against her consent. Her intuition, unusual predispositions and stereotypes were suppressed and suppressed to the housewife’s services.

In medicine, we got to know everything – human anatomy. Here we were divided into specialisations according to a given arrangement in the body – pulmonology, cardiology, orthopaedics, endocrinology. We stopped looking at a sick person as a whole. The natural methods of treatment were abandoned, because a more prominent and faster business was created from the pharmacy. And the more pills, the more specialisations and doctors, the more money was spent.

I do not know if anyone has thought about the role of women in all this? About her anatomy? About her hormonal system? Why are menstruations a taboo subject? Why do you give fertility lessons in premarital lessons and not a woman-gynaecologist? Why doesn’t the endocrinologist look at you holistically, but instead list the hormones and replace them, causing an even greater image of poverty and despair in the female body?

Why are the blood test norms falsified – they are raised or lowered?

Did you know that the female thyroid is the number one organ in her entire body? That the thyroid (thymus too) is responsible for all hormonal regulation?

Do you know that if the thyroid is healthy and balanced, a woman enjoys full physical and mental health, is fertile, sexually happy and expresses her opinion loudly?

Do you know someone like that around you? Few, very few such women, right?

And when the thyroid gland is not regulated, a woman has an 'eternal period' – she growls under her nose, floats, cries, is depressed, has problems with her figure, hair, sexual libido, memory, is eternally tired and sleepless.

Do you know why doctors deliberately change TSH blood norms?

Because men do not want women who express themselves loudly, they do not wish to female partners or equality in areas where they feel better and higher. The male ego does not like a woman’s strength because it knows exactly what she can afford.

That is why it is easier to keep such a woman in 'depression' and 'eternal period', stupefied by her hormones, unable to say 'no', to express her opinion.

Patriarchal medicine made collusion and cruelly raised women’s thyroid standards. A woman with her 'eternal period' health problems wanders from one specialist to another, and everyone looks at her as if she were an alien because the results are satisfactory. No one will look holistically, because no doctor has been taught that in medical schools.

If you regulate the TSH, you will be a fully satisfied, healthy, confident woman. With your creative mind, incredible intuition, body synchronised with Mother Nature – you will become equal to male energy.

Yin and Yang – balance, balance, masculinity and femininity, realism and intuition, dualism. This is the Earth, our karma, our lesson, our development. Too much Yang in religions, in politics, in medicine has not worked out well for anyone, but it does not bother men at all, they only need a son. The rest doesn’t matter where they get to with some of their wife’s hormones. A crying, helpless woman is easy to manipulate.

Do not blame men for this; they were brought up in this way; it was in their genes, transferred for many generations, many incarnations. Make them aware, don’t punish them.

Because of false thyroid norms, many, really many women have huge problems with their health. They only treat the symptoms, not the cause. They are in a vicious circle of their own fears, neuroses, depression, lack of acceptance and cruelly low self-esteem.

But this is changing slowly. Mary Magdalene as Yin of Jesus, the later witches who fought for equality and recognition, women of Slavic, Indian and other ancient faiths – in the incarnations of the present women are slowly rising, waking up, making each other aware, healing, supporting, protecting, motivating, pushing.

In Poland, there are many Slavic roots, the younger ones, and in Slovakia, they are also rebellious. Iceland has previously undergone a women’s revolution, as old souls have already appeared there. But Slavs are hot DNA – there are many theories, legends, myths and facts about this human race. One of them is that Christianity has just wanted to humiliate this race and to reduce this population systematically; the focus was precisely on suppressing female energy. We know the next story.

Dear women – invest in yourself, take an interest in your body, your psyche, your emotions. Reject beliefs, habits, everything that you have been taught in schools, in some families. Your intuition is extraordinary, it is powerful, and you are always right. 🙂 Invest in your spiritual development, start believing in yourself, in God, in another woman, do not be afraid of nature, it is closely related to you, learn to seek help from mature, confident and healthy women. They will help you if you only allow yourself.

Please do not listen to anyone who persistently tells you that she is all right with you and inside you feel that she is not. You are right – it’s NOT.

Nothing has been right for more than two thousand years when the life of Mary Magdalene was successfully trampled on at the Council and established Jesus as a male, absolute divine energy.



Someone told me a few years ago during the Tarot session that I would be dealing with women, restoring their balance and femininity. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous because my femininity was at the bottom with massive hypothyroidism. It took a lot of events, situations, conversations, trials, forgiveness and letting go for me to become a full-fledged woman who finally knows what she wants and strives for it.

I have recently set up a business, a woman’s business, but I also help men, I feel great in this role. Not only do I give consultations so far, but I also promote products that have a tradition of thousands of years and restore balance in the human body – psychophysical and spiritual balance (chakra unlocking).

In conversations, in observations, I feel like my female friends are waking up, changing, blooming. From a cosy, ugly cocoon in which they felt like larvae in a patriarchal world, they become colourful butterflies* that fly and sit where they want.


Courage, my dear, the next era belongs to us!



*The butterfly is a symbol of thyroid disease, this organ is shaped like butterfly wings, hence this symbol; the throat chakra is associated with the thyroid. If the thyroid is sick, the chakra is blocked – it is challenging for a person to express their emotions, trauma, anger and stress. The longer it suppresses, the more it acidifies the body, and the body becomes ill. It is common among women.